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Let me introduce you to a new and ground breaking approach to human health and personal inner development: engaging the forces of essential oils and the beings of the Zodiac.

We can make quantum leaps in terms of effectiveness the moment we succeed in translating breakthroughs in spiritual knowledge into everyday life. This is especially true for the area of health and disease and, related to it, our personal inner development; this is because there is not only a physical, but also a soul-spiritual aspect to all of us.

As beings of soul and spirit, we are direct receptors of soul spiritual forces of the highest levels. Essential oils as well as the beings of the Zodiac represent such forces; their effects can even penetrate to the level of our physical body. The more we understand them and are able to connect with them, the more powerful the results will be and the more we can achieve in our personal inner developmentBild 8  In some way or another, every illness or personal crisis shows us the path to our own individual potential for personal inner development. Every therapeutic process revolves around trying to understand this potential as much as possible and to embark on the path of development as consistently as we can. Depending on the task that presents itself with a given illness, as a therapist I opt for the most direct treatment approach. In my 25 years of work with individuals dealing with the most challenging health situations I have been able to continuously develop and deepen my treatment approaches. Experience has been my guide: the more challenging the task, the bigger the potential leap of development for all involved.

Essential oils are not only powerful healing substances. They are also living beings who are amazing, wise, sometimes full of surprises and always open to human beings seeking a living relationship with them. The more we grasp their innate life principles and the more deeply we are able to connect with them, the more powerful their healing effect in us will be. In my therapeutic work with the essential oils I give as much support as I can in order to help establish a powerful and healing relationship between the oil being and the patient once I have selected the appropriate oil.

Oil dispersion baths are a highly effective form of therapeutic application. The vortex principle allows the essential oil to be potentized in water, thereby releasing the oil’s innate dynamic. We could therefore look at this method as the crowning of essential oil application.

This makes essential oils especially interesting in the context of serious illnesses as well as personal inner development. Even diseases which seem to be resistant to therapy could potentially prove to be treatable after all. Oil dispersion baths activate our highest healing instance – the inner relationship between our immune system, body temperature and the force of our inner self.