Book: Heilkunde der Ätherischen Öle
(Healing with Essential Oils; English translation in process)

This book enters new territory. It describes a completely new approach to the work with essential oils and goes far beyond classical aromatherapy. Instead of limiting his understanding only to the physical plane or presenting the reader with a nondescript subjective characterization of the oils, the author sees essential oils as spiritual beings. They each carry their very specific life principle, which they transfer and which forms the basis of their healing forces. The oils can be clearly distinguished and the reader gains confidence in determining the right oil in a given situation.

Heilkunde der Ätherischen Öle is the essence of decades of practice with essential oils and intensive research of their beings and properties. According to the motto „the more we understand the principles of an oil, the stronger its effect“, Thomas von Rottenburg, an experienced naturopath, leads us into the fascinating world of essential oils. The result is a comprehensive reference book which characterizes the beings of the chosen essential oils. It is also a comprehensive collection of home remedies in which the oils are described in an intelligible way through their innate life principles.

The 13 essential oils that are discussed in the book cover an impressive spectrum of diseases and symptoms. A holistic understanding of their biochemistry, their innate life principles, plant gestures and detailed lists of their healing effects connects the physical facts about the oils with their soul-spiritual background. The oils not only become visible in the essence of their being, but the oil beings also express themselves through a description of the encounters with them in a deepening meditative process. The drawings by Ana Pogačnik open up another dimension of the oil beings.

The extensive section on the oils’ applications touches on hitherto lesser known, but especially effective methods of application. This book uncovers brand new and wider applications in the therapeutic work not only for lay persons, but also for specialists, as attested to by the many astonishing case studies collected in over 20 years of practice. A book that will help us all to keep growing!