Oil Dispersion Bath

Oil dispersion baths make the powerful effect of the beings of essential oils accessible in a unique way. Similarly to homoeopathy, the oils are potentized in water by moving through a vortex. The potentized oil can then be absorbed by the body during the bath. The minute oil particles, highly concentrated and transformed, enter through the skin into the bloodstream. Special water movements by hand remove blockages and enliven energetically weak areas. During the rest period after the bath the active substances of the oils are broken down, allowing the healing forces of the oils to penetrate deeply into the layers of the immune and metabolic systems. This process activates our highest healing instance – the inner relationship of our immune system, our body temperature and the force of our inner self. One oil dispersion bath alone can potentially lead to deep transformations and ignite a completely new spark for life.

Each oil carries within it a higher life principle which forms the basis of the oil‘s healing forces. Every expression an oil calls forth in us is connected to this life principle. Therefore every journey to an oil being which we embark on with others is a path of discovery, bringing about new insights and touching and transforming us deeply.

These joint journeys continue to build the body of knowledge and experience; the workshops offer opportunities to unearth more and more knowledge, at the same time providing a space for personal inner development.