Seminars with the Beings of the Zodiac

What we generally refer to as signs of the stars or the zodiac turn out to be concrete living partners who, once we have deeply connected with them, we can have encounters with and who we can ask for help and advice. We can even take them up into our body and our aura. To speak in very concrete terms, our entire constitution is built up by the beings of the zodiac.

The focus of the zodiac workshops is to directly and clearly experience the zodiac beings. Step by step we receive the forces of the zodiac more deeply into our being. It is interesting to note that the more deeply we can do this, the more deeply we experience ourselves. Similar to the beings of the essential oils, but on a higher level, they help us to allow their forces, their high principles to take effect within us. There is no way to avoid whatever it is within us that stands in the way of their higher forces and wants to be redeemed. The beings of the Zodiac help us in this transformative process in a wonderful way. Even serious wounds, traumas or guilt can be processed and ultimately healed in an astoundingly undramatic way. This process initially focuses on personal healing, awakening one’s own consciousness and inner personal development; from there, it moves in a second step to the application in the healing process of others.

The zodiac is our true source – the sphere of the zodiac our true home. This is where we come from. Our entire constitution rests on the forces of the Zodiac. Here on earth we are only temporary guests in the school of life.

The conscious, active and physical connection with the beings of the zodiac allows us to come home in a very deep way – the beings connect us here and now with our very own stream coming towards us from the future.

Here we are presented with the undreamt-of opportunity to transfer the strengthening forces of the Zodiac into our own body. If we are ready for it and can open up enough, these divine forces bring about life changing transformations in unprecedented ways.