Thomas von Rottenburg – naturopath, workshop leader, author

Born in Berlin in 1964, I was raised mostly outside of Germany due to my father’s work (Afghanistan, Japan and South Africa). From early on I was fascinated especially by paths of healing beyond Western medicine. Living in countries that always had something mysterious about them because they were unfamiliar awakened in me the longing to look more closely behind phenomena visible to the physical eye.

The wish to become a naturopath grew more and more inside me and I specialized in homeopathy at first. The encounter with Werner and Franziska Junge, the inventors of the oil dispersion bath, turned out to be a true turning point. Encouraged by the impressive healing power of the oil dispersion baths, I immersed myself more and more in the work with essential oils. They quickly became the focus of my practical work.

The detailed descriptions of remedies in homoeopathy encouraged me to research the characteristics of essential oils in group work. This lead to research and workshops on an international level in addition to my naturopathic practice. Over the last 20 years I have been able to gather a treasure chest of remedies for the most diverse diseases. Apart from the therapy with essential oils and oil dispersion baths, the treatment with the forces of the Zodiac is becoming a more and more important pillar of my practice. By using what I call soul work, the deep underlying cause of an illness is revealed.

The realization that essential oils are living beings waiting for us to communicate with them fundamentally changed my work with the essential oils. I studied etheric perception with José Martínez which continues to help me find and treat the etheric causes of physical blockages. After over 20 years of practice in Berlin, I now commute between Germany, Slovenia and other countries. The growing interest in my approach has considerably expanded my work internationally.