Etheric Perception

The etheric body of vital body maintains all of our life processes – the etheric forces are our very life forces. With the help of etheric perception one can “see” where this life body is weak or blocked and what it takes in order to strengthen it again. Etheric perception is of vital importance in the treatment with the forces of the Zodiac as well as the work with essential oils and the oil dispersion baths.

When we have to select the right oil that is needed for an individual in a given situation from a number of possible oils, etheric perception is invaluable in bringing objective clarity to the process. Etheric perception shows us which essential oil forms the strongest etheric connection.

Contrary to popular belief, etheric perception can be learned by everyone who truly wants to do so. We all carry the organs of etheric perception in us, we only have to awaken them. Just as we all manage to learn to read and write, we are all capable of learning how to perceive etherically. Naturally, it takes some practice and the right methods. Those who have experienced the advantages and possibilities of using etheric perception will never want to do without. Etheric perception has become an integral part of my treatments and is used as an indispensable method of instruction in my workshops.