Treatment with the Divine Forces of the Zodiac

This is a true Medicine of the Stars – the Beings of the Zodiac are the 12 archetypal life giving forces of the universe. They help us overcome our subconscious limiting patterns and blockages in astonishingly simple yet highly effective ways. Already the ancient Egyptians knew of the inner connection of our physical body with the forces of the Zodiac, for example between the human heart and the divine Leo. These forces are building up our entire constitution and are constantly active within our etheric aura.

Through my etheric perception I can let the etheric aura of the patient guide me which Zodiac force is needed in which places of the body. The forces of the zodiac are absorbed through movements of the hand above the body. During the treatment, I am in constant in communication with the patient. By working with the Forces of the Zodiac we can receive these strongly healing and nourishing star forces directly into our body, soul and spirit.

What is hardly known is that apart from the divine Beings of the Zodiac, there also is also a counter Zodiac that opposes the live giving force of the divine Zodiac. And unconsciously we all partake in this opposing sphere. These Zodiac saboteurs can only get access to us through our weaknesses and unconsciousness – in other words through our untransformed karma. Unfortunately the divine Beings can not reach the areas in our Aura, that are held by the counter Zodiac.

A special form of the Zodiac work is to determine what counter Zodiac being is connected to a disease or difficult condition. By understanding and transforming this we open our body and aura for the immense liberation, healing and empowerment of the divine Beings of the Zodiac.

This is medicine of the stars and pure transformational power.